What’s New in Zabbix 4.0 LTS

Now, Zabbix 4.0 is a Long Term Support release, meaning it will be supported for five (5) years.

Enhanced visualization

New visualization

The new completely redesigned graph widget provides an exceptional way to get insights from the collected data. The widget allows to create a variety of graphs, work with multiple data sets, select sets of metrics or individual metrics for graphing, configure graph line-style configuration, legend layout as well as supporting displaying of information about discovered problems straight on the graphs. Additional information is displayed by placing your cursor over the graph.

Explore it yourself in the Graph Widget documentation section.

Time range selection with ease

New Time Range

Redesigned time range selector allows to use words syntax, e.g. “now” or “now-1d/d”” to get fast access to data. Selected period can now be zoomed in, moved back and forth, providing one click way to select the most frequently used time periods.

Explore the functions of the new time period selector through our documentation.

Faster and more secure distributed monitoring

Proxies Faster !

Zabbix 4.0 introduces compression for communication with Proxies, which is enabled by default. This solution provides a compression layer that massively reduces the size of transferred data. As a result, amount of network traffic is significantly reduced thus leading to noticeable performance improvements.

Passive proxies are now being rejected without a listed IP address/DNS name and require the Server parameter. All Zabbix proxy supported parameters are listed in our documentation. More details can be obtained from Proxy configuration section.

Same screen size, more details

The new compact view mode is a must-have for NOC engineers. It is designed to increase operational efficiency and get a clear understanding of problem tackling priorities. Use compact view mode to maximize the amount of problems visible at the same time.

Problem search has been significantly enhanced and now supports various filtering and displaying options.

Single sign-on

New HTTP authentication options to setup single sign-on on your web server.Find out more abou Authentication options in Zabbix documentation.


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