How to install Zabbix Server 3.4 ? – Ubuntu 18.04

You want to install a Zabbix server Easily? Just follow the procedure below.

We will use the zabbix repository to facilitate installation. The packages :

  • zabbix-server-mysql
  • zabbix-frontend-php
  • zabbix-agent

We will see in a next article zabbix the installation in HA mode with separate servers.

Install Repository with MySQL database

Install Zabbix server, frontend, agent

Create initial database

Import initial schema

Import initial schema

Edit file /etc/zabbix/zabbix_server.conf

Configure PHP for Zabbix frontend

Edit file /etc/zabbix/apache.conf, uncomment and set the right timezone for you. The documentation for zabbix frontend

Start Zabbix server and agent processes

Start Zabbix server and agent processes and make it start at system boot:

Now your Zabbix server is up and running!

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