How to enable Frontend maintenance mode ?

Your zabbix web frontend can be temporarily disabled in order to prohibit access to it. This can be useful for protecting the Zabbix database from any changes initiated by users, thus protecting the integrity of database.

In the meantime, zabbix database can be stopped and maintenance tasks can be performed while Zabbix frontend is in maintenance mode.

Users from defined IP addresses will be able to work with the frontend normally during maintenance mode.


Configuration frontend maintenace mode :

Connect to the frontend and modify the file in “/conf” (example : /var/www/zabbix/conf/, uncomment the following lines:

Parameter Details
ZBX_DENY_GUI_ACESS This option allows you to configure, enable maintenance mode:
1 – maintenance mode is enabled, disabled otherwise
ZBX_GUI_ACCESS_IP_RANGE Array of IP addresses, which are allowed to connect to frontend (optional).
For example:
array('', '')
ZBX_GUI_ACCESS_MESSAGE A message you can enter to inform users about the maintenance (optional).


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