How to Configure Zabbix Agent ?

After seeing, how to install the Zabbix agent, we’re going to see how to configure zabbix agent.

Zabbix agents are extremely efficient because of use of native system calls for gathering statistical information.

Step 1 – Configure Zabbix Agent

First, modify the file configuration :

Then, uncomment the line :

For information, the option HostnameItem used for generating Hostname if it is undefined. Ignored if Hostname is defined.

To finish comment the line :

Restart service zabbix Agent :


Step 2 – Add Zabbix Agent in front end

Go to: Configuration → Hosts

Click on Create host to the right (or on the host name to edit an existing host)

Enter parameters of the host in the form :

  • Host Name
  • Groups
  • IP Address or DNS

In the tab “Templates”, you link templates to the host.

For more details, go to the documentation of zabbix : Configuring a host


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